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Our Mission

The Butterfly Effect Beauty is a safe place for recognizing your flaws and pursuing your growth. 

How you connect, the way you set up that connection, and the work you do after is what matters. The Butterfly Effect's goal is to alter the perspective on “The Art of Healing.” Here we put a twist on healing and learn how to find strength and honor in the traumatic stories that molded us. Living in the shadows is never easy, but everyone has a set time to spread their wings. 

I am here to present a diverse community of huemans who are looking for a breath of fresh air in a very chaotic world. 

My message is to let my readers know that there are multiple ways of healing and dealing with trauma. Healing doesn’t look the same for all of us, the cycles and results are always different per person.

Here is where you find answers, but the work and dedication is yours. 

   Here is where your transition begins. 

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“Change your perception of things, and you will change your reality”

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