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When is the “right” time to let go?

Updated: Jul 22

Some bonds are harder than others to break. Some take more time. Some separations hurt a little more and a little tear might make you feel better. Do the hard work and fight the pain. It will be ok.

Qutie’s Connect: The hardest task for a communal being is learning how to be alone. Alone doesn’t always mean physically, and it doesn’t mean that you have to shut the world out. However it means that you need to manage and prioritize your world.

Intuition is the answer.

You fear the one person who knows you best. yourself......

Even with all the faith and belief in the world we still lack confidence in that same belief.

Solitude vs. Isolation

It’s true! You know that you are ready to move on when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired! How fast that feeling comes varies, but at some point I know many of us had that feeling of, “No More!”

That point when you don’t care what happens, but you know something must change OR ELSE….

For me it starts with prayer. (manifesting)

Many will separate the two however I say that prayer is the act and manifesting is the action! To pray is to seek/ask. And to manifest is to actively bring that vision to life.

In my lowest moments I remember just praying. I asked for help, strength, and guidance. I didn’t need money, I didn’t need a person, I didn’t need anything …. the only thing I wanted was a way to get out of this “hell hole“ that I was in at the time. The first time I really knew what prayer was.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

"Set clear goals and strive to achieve them."

What do you consider to be the light... once the blinding piercing light fades away what do you expect to be on the other side?

I believe that the more we ask ourselves these questions, the easier it becomes for us to truly look into the mirror. You don't have to deny yourself of the truth. Of course it's going to hurt, but so is sitting there suffering and running in circles. Do the dirty work and ask those hard questions. Not every question had an answer and sometimes the lesson won't show itself right away. Trust yourself during this time. Know that with faith it may not come when you want it, but it's always on time.



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