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Acceptance over Approval

You should be more impressed by what you think of yourself than what others think of you. Waiting for outsiders to bring you conformation only slows down your progression. You're constantly waiting to be rewarded instead of simply just doing. Stop waiting for permission to follow your intuition! Trust yourself and move according to what you know is right.

Qutie's Connect: Growing up I was always a "people pleaser." I would rather stay to myself than interact with people because I knew we would grow apart. I felt that long term relationships didn't exist. People come, and people go. When I did meet solid friends it wasn't until I was pregnant with my first child. (21) I had real friends that I depended on and trusted with my child's life. I needed some type of grounding. I needed people who I could rely on. I needed my daughter to know that mommy has good people that she can trust as well.

"...self-acceptance is truly a heroic act."

-Nathaniel Branden, 2011


The moment I stopped living for others and started living for myself just might be one of the best days ever! I stopped caring about what people seen me as vs. who I wanted to be. I seen myself in the future as this strong fit business woman who is sassy and wears tailored pant suites to her luxury office. I created myself as a badass educated free spirit, who just flies around this world as she pleases, helping others see the light. I realized that, that's what matters how I see myself and how I feel.

Notice when you do things differently people will say, "wow, I was expecting more teacher or office worker!"

And I respond, "I was thinking CEO/Boss!" *blows kiss*

Yes! There's a big difference. Do not box me in or label me. I am forever growing and changing. If you see me 6 months from now I will not be the same person.

What I'm saying is give yourself credit for fighting to be you. People will judge until the end of time, that's not a reason to stop. You care too much about what other people think and letting that energy consume your space is dangerous. Learn how to embrace it and love your biggest flaw. You are unique and powerful. You deserve to use this time in the physical realm to live your best life. Book your trainer, find a counselor, remove that anxiety and go make friends. Continue to create and re-create the life you've always dreamed.

Remember!! You celebrate yourself if you need to! Do not wait for others to cheer for you!



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