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Crystal of the Week “PEACOCK ORE”

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

One of the most captivating crystals and my personal favorite. The “chakra activator” and “negativity blocker”.

It’s highly recommended to have this beauty close by. 🦋

(Crystalline healing)

Qutie’s Connect: This crystal reminds me so much of the butterfly movement 🥲 I’m declaring Peacock Ore as TBE assigned crystal. It represents everything we stand for and the beauty in it alone is beyond intriguing!


Understand that each crystal is very unique. It’s very rare to find 2 like crystals. From my own experiences, my crystals just stand out to me. In a pile of 50 crystals there will be one that stands out to me specifically! Don’t just grab the first one you see… look, take your time, and see where your energy is going. Did you pick your crystal for looks, size, color, shape? Think about what makes YOUR crystals special. They are for no one else to “play with” or see honestly. This is your private time to channel your energy and make your best choice. This is a TOOL that you will be using to further your healing journey…. The selection process matters ✅

Peacock Ore benefits:

🦋Chakara repair

🦋Brings happiness

🦋Induce healing

🦋Negativity remover

🦋Encourage balance

🦋Increase perception

The emotions this healing crystal will envoke matches how it looks. In all of its darkness the glaze captures you. This dark black rock covered in shades of blue, gold, purple, and pink so effortlessly. It symbolizes the “rebirth” phase.

It symbolizes rebirth because the colors bring out the beauty that people see, but often don’t look beyond. Most people just see the glow and don’t understand why you’re able to shine so bright. It’s ok if people don’t understand why you are the way you are. Just know it did not happen overnight and you never stopped glowing! You made yourself the best version of you, you dealt with the pain, you suffered, and now you can shine again! You can smile again! You can be the YOU you’ve always imagined! 🦋

”Where Transition Begins”


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