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Spiritual Fasting

I learned so much from fasting with intention! Not just changing my diet for weight loss, but purely fasting for discipline and clarity.

Qutie's Connect: Sometimes we don't even realize what we are starting until it's already finished. I knew this fast would be transformational, but I really did not expect any drastic changes. I have tried going vegan and different things for many reasons. I never thought to fast for my relationship with my God. I never imagined that THIS type of fast could have the potential to force me into an uncomfortable situation and come out this successful.


"Without change.. there would be no Butterflies" -Motley Butterfly

How am I fasting and where did the inspiration come from?

I named my fasting regimen"The Anna Cleanse." Named after a spiritual woman who was also fasting at the time. Once she explained the meaning behind fasting and praying for 30 days straight, I knew that it was a challenge that I must accept.

Things NOT to eat during your fast:

  • NO meat (no seafood, no turkey, no cheating lol)

  • NO processed foods (sugary snacks)

  • NO sugar drinks (fresh juice, water, or tea only)

I started my journey on March 10th, 2022. By the 26th I learned to my trust myself and my intuition. My dedication to my God was so powerful that it was worth every sacrifice. During this time I ended relationships, friendships, quit smoking, learned to structure myself and my eating habits. What made it even more beautiful, is that all of this happened organically through willpower and determination.

My goal during this cleanse was to show my God that I was ready and capable of everything I had asked for. I know that I am blessed and protected so I never carry fear. I just knew that I was asking for deep healing and soul recovery that required tough decisions to be made. I wanted to stop the bad food and bad habits because it was weighing me down emotional and physically. I wanted a new routine, a new energy, a new calling. I knew if I had the power to make these changes that I could do anything.

I come from a past full of insecurities and anxiety so to see myself stick to something for a bigger purpose inspired me. I held myself up and every single week I became better and pushed myself. I learned how to cook different meals and actual enjoy them. I learned how to plan my day effectively and be productive. Every anxiety attack and negative thought I mentally/physically fought off. I fought until there was nobody left in my head except for me. No opinion mattered. I didn't care who needed me at this time because I needed me. I needed every piece of my energy to stay on track, complete this fast, and hit every mind and body goal.

I can honestly say that this moment changed my life forever. I mediate more now which releases much stress for me. My version of meditation is laying down on my back, selecting a meditation vibration that fits my mood, and taking a minimum of 5 mins to 30 mins to just lay there and let my mind go free. During these meditations I grounded myself to my purpose. I trusted myself more than ever because my vision became clearer. I was able to express myself more. I became more open. I didn't freeze up and become fearful in negative environments. I stood my ground and knew that no matter what I was blessed, protected, and fearless of whatever was to come. I knew that what was for me, will always be for me. That was my only priority. To trust myself in ways that I never had before.

As I was moving forward to plant the seeds of my future, behind I left anxiety, addiction, depression, insecurity, and anything negative that was not going to lead me towards a productive future. When you start these fast you never know what to expect, however you are almost always surprised by how they end. That to me is just my God's way of showing me that even when I think that I know best.... the universe knows better and energy never lies.

If you have fasted and want to share your experience please comment.

If you have any question pertaining to my fast please comment.



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