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New year, New me! *I guesss*

Life really doesn't stop... until it stops! You just keep going along until a dramatic shift forces you to change or you have a calling that says otherwise. For me that's crazy as hell LOL

You want me to live and die.... Let's do it 🦋✨🥂

Life doesn't change, you change

You have to envision the life you want and truly go for it. If you don't believe in yourself do not get upset when nobody else believes in you! It's really that simple.

Claim what it is that you want and go for it!

My greatest lesson this year has been to stop sleeping on myself. You have to be confident and genuine in this world. You don't have to step over everyone you dislike, but you can definitely stand up for yourself with grace. That's also a huge key. Not reacting how people what you to react and understanding what truly being the bigger person is.

Accountability is key because once you accept the fact that YOU allowed these people and places to effect your vision the more insight you will have to how you ended up there! The more you take accountability for what you simply didn't know reguardless of why, the faster you can move forward into your calling.

It wasn't until I stopped blaming everyone for my past experiences that I was able to progress and move forward. I stopped asking why, and started asking, "what's next?"

I am excited for life in a new way. I am realizing that although I didn't get to change my environment right away... I changed me. Now I know it's possible. The same environments that used to break me now power my passion!

That's something to be thankful for.




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