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Protecting your energy, comes with a cost.

The higher your vibration rise the stronger your intuition will become. You will start to notice "vibes" and "energies" you may have overlooked at one point in time. Things will shift without your permission and you will have to adjust and ride the wave. Your trophy is your lesson. Your reward is what you've gained and loss through your experience.

Qutie's Connect: To my readers... stay grounded. Understand that whatever gets in your way is a challenge not your destination. Conquer your mission and move forward. You can not control how life treats others, even when you want payback or want to see karma happen... its not for you to demand and await. You must humble yourself and bear down to do what it is that YOU need to do! There's always a bigger picture with a purpose. Never let anything or anyone get in between that.

As a young determined woman I decided to see life through my colorful lenses. I'm going to look at the world in a way that relates to me, a.k.a I'm going to be myself.

I started to see my intuition as a game world. I would take my hits and lose a few coins, I would run into accidents and have to pay fees, I will fall out with a partner and start over a few times, my kid problems are now my problems... the list goes on.

There's no cap on what could happen and when. My toughest moments became badges of honor. My deepest darkest falls became 1st place monuments for getting myself through. I celebrated everything good and bad until all I was doing was celebrating! I am true pisces so I'm always going to drop a tear or two, however I got right back to the plan and started pumping out my work.

Any bump in the road became a positive reminder for me to get back on track. If you don't like taking jabs to the face then stay on point. That's the lesson. When you lack and make an error you leave room for things to go left. I accept all setbacks because I truly believe that what comes next is always greater.

Hold on to your peace no matter what. The smallest things that hold your happiness is what grounds you. Enjoy that guilt free. The habits that come naturally to you is your formula. Take the good, alter the negative and continue shifting into alignment.

In my weakest moments I run to my "safe zone." As a pisces it is very easy for me to escape. I build and create worlds in my sleep. It's that easy for me. Which is why I choose a profession that allows me to help others build a vision and see life through colorful lenses as well.

The world can feel small and get hectic at times. Having a safe space mentally, physically, or spiritually is mandatory. I believe that this prevents negative energy from spilling all over. We don't realize how easy to is to pass our energy around and how bad we need to check ourselves.

Discovering a new you is never easy. Shoveling through your trauma is never easy. Nothing that you do in this life will be easy. Adapt and prepare yourself now so that you can have a fair chance at a healthy life. If you want any change or any accomplishment it will be up to you! You are your savior! Do the hard work and stay focused towards the life you are seeking.

Xoxo_Qutie 🦋


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