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Self Care Playlist 🎶

As a Pisces music just lights my soul. Music is the best way for me to express myself, my thoughts, and my personal vibes. I want my readers to create a list of about 10 songs that no matter where you are or what you're doing, takes over your body. What sing bring you happy warm memories. What song reminds you of a person who used to make your heart smile. What song was playing in the background of a happy moment for you? You could been walking in the mall having a moment of silence.... think positive thoughts.

  1. Bellah x Evil Eye

  2. Savannah Christina x Self Care

  3. Lucky Daye x Love you too much

  4. Cleo Sol x Her Light

  5. Nicki Minaj x Blessings

  6. Chance the Rapper x Coco Butter Kisses

  7. J. Cole x Love Yours

  8. Solange x Cranes in the Sky

  9. Samm Henshaw x Church

  10. SiR x John Redcorn

Here is a list of my Happy Songs! No matter where I am if you play any of these songs my spirit is immediately lifted!

What songs help to cheer you up?

Create your list and learn how to ground yourself in the mist of chaos because it's truly the small things that will turn your day around.

Love Always,

Qutie Butterfly 🦋


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