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Start with Gratitude!

Being thankful for your blessings before you physically see them is an energy most can’t hold on to. Imagine working towards something for 8 years before you even see the reward…. Do you understand how long that is to stay positive and continue applying maximum effort! School or workforce you will have to dedicate yourself! Let’s start being thankful before the blessing. Showing our worth and consistently working on our dreams!

Qutie's Connect: I struggled with giving the universe thanks during my struggle. The first time I ever 'struggled' I didn't even know I was struggling. It wasn't until I looked back and seen how far I came and how strong I was that, I began to thank god every single day and throughout the day. I just knew that if I could make it out, there HAD to be a force supporting me, because I was that lost. Every single move that I make as a light worker is simply because I know how special it was for me when I had my first interaction with those who will remind you of your worth. 🦋


"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance" -Eckhart Tolle


Gratitude is a very beautiful, fulfilling process. Let go of the need for control and truly let your light guide you.

Gratitude in 3 steps!

  1. Feeling grateful for what you currently have. Look at what you're starting with and be thankful for what it is. No matter how small.

2. Acknowledging those people who helped you get where you are. A teacher. A close friend. A stranger who just always helps you. Find one person who can say.. "wow, what you said to me always stuck with me." Giving thanks is a self-less act. Accept that somebody did do/give something nice. Maybe they did it without even knowing how much you needed it. That makes it even more special.

3. Letting the love from yourself and others create a safe space in your heart. When you acknowledge how much "love" you get from people in their own special way, you see that even though it wasn't much they tried and you can try to. Now, you must pay it forward. Be that light for others as someone was to you. A small compliment, delivering extra food to a close associate, writing an encouraging message. You choose how you would like to pay it forward... just do it!

You ever heard the saying, "Let go, and Let God."

That's what gratitude requires. Get out of your own way and be guided.

Not upset because life is not how you think it should be, not angry because the person who you want love from isn't giving it, not depressed because you won't get out of your way and do what makes you happy, and damn sure not staying complacent out of fear of what others will think or say.

You laugh at anything negative, you push past anything that you feel is blocking you. Those same laughs will become claps and hands of support. A part of life is being tested and moving on. Even God/the universe will test you and give you... what you give IT. Energy matters, your thoughts matters, the choices you make MATTER! Start now. Start today. Live a life of gratitude, change your perspective and see what little you have and not how much you want or need. Change truly starts with you.

Everything you need is already available to you. Grant yourself access to the life that you deserve!


"a fellow light worker"


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