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Skillshare for Mentors?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Since using Skillshare I feel like I have unlimited mentors in my back pocket. Any question I have. there's a topic for it. I'm personally a huge fan because I have access to so much credible information.

fQutie's Connect: I come from the inner city, where I was raised we had little to no positive role models. I seen people live different lives and none of it involved, banks, savings, college, books, or anything of that nature. We just seen babies, parties, fights, and more drama filled events.

I always wanted somebody to look up to that could truly guide me into a secure lifestyle. The older I got the more realized that there are mentors and role models around. Some teach you life lessons, and other teach you what to watch out for.

Tip #1 - Choosing a community.

Finding like minded people can be challenging, however it must be done. You find groups online, local, or traveling. Don't be nervous. Start with hobbies and traits that you enjoy. You can start finding groups by zodiac signs, food tasting, traveling, sports, fashion, credit, and the list goes on.That'll open a door for you to speak confidently about things that truly makes you happy. Once you make a friend, you make another and another.

Tip #2 - Go on to

Now take some of those interest and skills and make it your lifestyle. Go onto and see others with years of experience and training in the topics you love. Decide on what you want to learn and search your topic. There you will find qualified advice on your future plans.

"My mind's ability to learn and remember is increasing every day."

Tip #3 - Value multiple mentors.

You do not have to have one mentor and take every word they say. Stay open and be willing to learn from anybody. Listening to different people brings upon different perspectives. It's good to see how someone else can help you see the bigger picture. If you don't have people to talk to about "boring" topics, you can easily go watch, listen, and do short homework to help you make your vision clearer. It's like that little piece of advice you didn't know you needed and now that you have it you can see everything clearer. That's skillshare.

Tip #4 - Know when to seek information.

If you're feeling stuck and you can't figure out why... take a break and go for a walk. Identiy your stress source, identity your triggers, remove anything that's not beneficial and start to surrounded yourself in positive settings. Sites like make me feel like I'm not alone. There are other people who excited just as much as you about a topic you love. To see that energy and have that encouragement is one of a kind.

Tip #5 - Finish strong

Once you are secure with your boundaries you can take what you've learned in your personal time and test it out into the public world. The more you know about people and body language you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Yes you have to learn and sometimes yes it's no way to know. However, as many say, "use your discernment." Trust your gut feeling and don't be afraid to use your voice and express yourself in healthy ways. Once you start to meet and hangout with people who are truly like you, (because you are now your true self doing things that you gain emotional fulfillment from.) This is a situation will you have to experience it to know. You will have to break away from what you've known and if you don't like what you see continue to set goals and ideals for what you aspire to be.

Be original. Be you. Be ok with being diverse.


If you have your Butterfly Lifestyle Journal pull it out... If not, make sure you purchase a copy now!

Meditation is important because your first step is to sit back and envision what the perfect life for you looks like. In the perfect world...

Where would you work?

What school would your children go to?

What would you love life look like?

What would your daily hobbies be?

What do the holidays with your family look like?

I mean the real genuine life plan! Not the social media picture.

Now write down your action plan to reach each of these goals. Reflection is hard because you have to be honest with yourself.

Do you have to change your friends?

Are you realizing how toxic some family members are?

Is your work environment making you miserable every single day?

How is your living environment?

How often are you under stress?

How are you handling this stress?

Organize your action plan from smallest to biggest. Start with daily habits and start to look at the big things. You have to vision what you want, price it so you can see what your goals need to be, imagine the support you will need to get there, start finding ways to help yourself reach each personal goal. Do not be hard on yourself it might take a year, it may take 5 years, it make take 10 years... as long as you are moving forward and keeping yourself on track while still learning and living you will be able to succeed and reach your goals in a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you for taking out the time to trust my opinion in how to help you essentially become happy and reach a peaceful life. As adults if we do not heal our inner child, we carry those needs and childlike wants because we still feel neglected. Understand that no void can be filled. You must accept what you don't have and plan for what you do want. You can not go back and make anyone do something different. Thank god that you're still here and that you have a chance to make things better for yourself.



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