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What are Spiritual Baths?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Create a safe space for yourself to enjoy! As you look around you can feel the meaning of each item you selected for your spiritual bath. From the candles to the flowers to the bubbles, down to the warmth of the water touching your skin. Take a moment to love on yourself. You deserve it! 🌸

Qutie's Connect: To experience spiritual baths in full you must believe in what it is that you are manifesting. You must be intentional and passionate before you submerge into such an element. This is not just a bath with flowers. This is a ritual that you should take serious and enjoy every step. Be thankful as you make your purchases knowing that this bath is going to be a fresh start for you in some way. Ask. Believe. Recieve... notice that you receive last. 😉

Find your purpose ✨

Are you preparing your spiritual bath in light of celebration, exhaustion, love, detox, or cleansing? What is your reason for wanting to experience a spiritual bath. (This is important because the items you select will reflect what your are aligning yourself with.) After your bath you will journal and get more into detail about your thoughts and feelings.


Spiritual Bath Purpose!

Now... I know your probably wondering what is the point of all of this? Why so serious? Well, water is an excellent cleansing element. As you prepare your bath you are to recite affirmations, set intentions, and welcome in the light you desire. Each step of this process is fulfilling and humbling.

Spiritual bath items:

  1. flowers (fresh or dried)

  2. bubble bath (optional)

  3. crystals

  4. herbs (homemade bath tea)

  5. salt (epsom salt or sea salt)

  6. incense/candles

  7. body oils/essential oils

  8. journal & pen

  9. music playlist

psssstttt! Save yourself the stress and purchase Butterfly Beauty's Luxury Bath Box! Everything is included!

The spiritual bath experiences

As everything in life... this experience is what you make it.This is a time to connect with self and your feminine spirit. Spiritual baths date back hundreds of years. They were and still are used to cleanse and revitalize your energy. Make your bath a special moment and allow yourself to safely unwind. Respect and show gratitude for the healing powers of the water. Manifest energies of healing, higher awareness, refreshment, and rejuvenation. Re-center yourself and prepare for elevation.

*This is also a great ritual to do before meditation and shadow work.

Goddess Bath process

The best bath times are before 6am and after 8 pm. This is your special time to truly treat yourself. Cleanse your space and create the vibes! Here's how to get started:

  1. Clean your tub and bathroom

  2. Run the water for your bath

  3. Turn on your playlist

  4. Add items into your bath

  5. Light your candles/incense

  6. Lay out your robe/towel

  7. Set your intentions as you enter the tub

  8. Rub and feel your treats. Feel your skin. Be thankful and stay in the moment

  9. Look around at what you've created

  10. Meditate and Journal

  11. Let the tub empty before getting out

  12. Smother your candles

  13. Get out, dry off, oil up, and proceed to journal and relax

  14. Thank yourself!

During your spiritual bath....

  1. Remind yourself that you are safe to relax your body

  2. Take long calm breaths

  3. Rub your spiritual bath items on your body. (flowers, fruits, bath tea,exc.)

  4. Say your affirmations

  5. Give gratitude

After Bath Reflection

This is the part where you truly sit back and reflect the entire process. Go back to going out and making your purchases, Back to putting your bath together. Did it feel good? Did you think you could do it and actually bring that vibe to your space? Do you feel renewed and enlightened?

As you lay in your clean clothes and feel your soft skin give more thanks. You did it and you can do it again! Share your experience with a friend. Gift your friend a Luxury Bath Box of their own! Do not keep this gem to yourself.


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