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The most important thing I learned during my weight loss journey

Beauty has nothing to do with size and everything to do with how you feel!

Love starts inside and work it’s way out 😉

“A few baby steps can turn into a few miles”

Qutie’s Connect: You must create different versions of yourself to know which one you like best 🦋

The reason why I loveee “The Butterfly Effect” is because it’s forever changing! It’s ok to be something different and transform yourself into who you WANT to be!

Losing weight made me appreciate who I was before the weight loss. I was so insecure that I couldn't see past the double chin, the extra stomach, huge thighs, and the back fat 🥴 I hated it sooo much that I didn’t even acknowledge my pretty face,

my beautiful skin, my glowing personality, how smart and confident I actually was!

6 months later…. I lose 50 pounds and all of a sudden my whole life changed. I was thinking different, my body was working for me, everything was getting easier, and I knew that I had changed my life for the better. I became addicted to bettering myself. Once I seen myself become a person I only dreamed about, I started to dream some more and wanted to further the vision of a person I only imagined. 💫 (Qutie)

🦋 I was always happy, beautiful, and confident, I just needed the physical conformation 🦋

I worked my body, pushed my body, went thru hell and I feel great! It was more mental for me and the outcome was a nice body!

Again, I needed to SEE my goals.

This transformation proved to me that with hard work and dedication the grass is greener on the other side.

There is a fierce sexy bad ass waiting on the other side for you and until you put the work in to reach it you will always feel like it’s not enough. 🥲

-Of course this process included reflection, shadow work, changing friends, altering lifestyles, and more daily efforts. However, once you make these life altering changes you get to look back and remember the time you pushed your self, remember the time you almost gave up, and the example that you set for others. 🥂💪🏾🥳

xoxo 🦋


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