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Social Media Breakdown!!

Updated: May 5, 2021

A few small steps I took to finding my personal attachment to each social media app and how I was able to disconnect and control them for good! Take advantage of being able to create the world you want to be apart of!

Qutie’s Connect: sometimes the things that we enjoy the most are the things we need small breaks from. It helps you stay grounded and aware of yourself as an individual.

.....Tweeting away all day everyday. It’s like a personal diary. An open book. A secret tunnel to your thoughts.... and what do you really get out of it??

How filtering my social media helped me accomplish my goals!

“If it’s not helping me grow, then it must go!” I’ve repeated this quote in my head many times and it took MONTHS to stick... however eventually it stuck.

First step was looking at the goals that I set and seeing where I needed to tweak what I was currently doing to achieve my long-term goals. Anything that promoted partying, shopping, fast goal turnover and things that gave me anxiety had to go. I noticed that I was setting unrealistic goals (at the moment) when I was following Instagram models and celebrities, so to ground myself I had to remove many of those influences.

Once I cleared what I no longer wanted to see on a daily basis I begun searching and following people who were aligned with what I wanted to see more of. I was out to find more everyday people around my age who was exploring and sharing a world of knowledge that I wanted to know more about. I didn’t have to cut off myself completely, but I set my timeline to my needs and wants so that when I was utilizing certain platforms I would gain something of value. As long as your environment is positive and productive you will always pick up positive vibes and beneficial information.


Do what you have to do to detox your timeline and your life and welcome in new vibes and energy. 🦋

How to return back to social media after a detox.

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

Know your intentions before you jump back in the game.

Are you using your social media for personal use? Business promotion? Gaming? Fitness?Hobby? Dating? What's your purpose for being online and what are you looking to attract?

Then you can go online and start looking for hashtags, reels, and other search’s for like minded people. Now this doesn’t mean that you must remove every celebrity off of your social media, however if it will help you then I recommend following people who do more of the things you enjoy or want to start!

Get Inspired

It's easy for outside influences to alter the way you think and how you view yourself. Follow people that live the life that you want and attract the things that you are currently praying/manifesting for. Write down your goal list, start your vision board and begin to mold the life you want into shape! No, it will not happen overnight or in a week, but it WILL happen! Stay consistent and demand the change in your life starting with YOU! ✅🦋

-xoxo_qyerra 💅🏾


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