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They said....

"Poetry is language"

Qutie's Connect: Do give up on yourself because of what other people say. Don't stop your mission because someone says it will never happen.. Do your best to surround yourself around those that love you. Who truly want to see you do better and be better. Disregard the negative opinions they just don't know how to celebrate you. Art and poetry are expressions. It shows what words can not say. 🦋

They said….

They said I couldn’t make my dreams come true

They said I couldn’t wear natural hair and skinny jeans

They said I couldn’t listen to rap music and go to church

They said I couldn’t love myself and love the world

They said I couldn’t save the world

They said I wouldn’t change the world

They said I was dreaming too big

They said I was rushing to get nowhere

They said I was trying to be something that I wasn’t

They said nobody would ever listen to me

They said I think I’m better then everybody

They said that because I’m pretty I can’t have problems

They said that because I was ugly nobody would ever love me

They said because I chase my dreams I would scare people off

They said this and They said that… but God said

I can

I am

I will



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