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Why Butterfly Beauty??

Getting people to be intimate and love themselves in different ways is amazing. To see women and men take the time out to willingly and organically give themselves personal attention that is sometimes overlooked makes me feel very accomplished. My job is to provide the tools and support to help other risk-takers take on spiritual gains in a healthy and positive way.

Qutie's Connect: Understand how important it is to be who you are regardless of what you "think" others will think. If you never let your light shine how will others know that true happiness is possible? If we don't teach our peers how to ground themselves, feeling lost will lead to depression. Get a plan going, get your mind dreaming, let your thoughts wonder.... journal, then come back and let's see what your future is looking like. Of course if the vision is slightly blurred... we just have some work to do. Let's find out where your transition begins.


Butterfly Beauty is about the everlasting growth of self love. The more work you put into yourself, the more you fully encompass the value of yourself. Not “material gains", but putting in work to receive blessings beyond. The ones you can not brag about out loud, but if you ever had a true Butterfly Experience you may know….

Experiencing emotions you never thought possible? Constantly hiding away to recover from high energy environments and back out into the world to get beat up on a little more? Such a toxic blend, right? That’s life and the attraction of the butterfly effect. It’s never stops changing and you never stop shaping and forming into your true self. You are forever bumping your head and learning. Getting more comfortable with changes and roadblocks in life. Not crashing out every single time something goes wrong, but staying level and mastering readiness.

You are constantly learning new things about yourself and what’s around you, always wanting to know more and challenging yourself. Pushing those around you to become better and have faith. Being a light in a dark world… (talk about hiding in plain sight!) You find your balance and do as you are called. The more you help others and put good energy into the world the better chance you have at creating a better future. Be as proud to share quality energy as negative people are about spreading low vibrations. The only why to counteract these energies is to continue to be great and shine your light!

Song Inspiration: J. Cole x Love Yourz


Qutie Butterfly


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